Nazineh Huff, M.D.

Getting Started

Please call or email to set up a complimentary phone consultation to answer preliminary questions and arrange an initial appointment.

The first session is a comprehensive evaluation lasting 75-90 minutes, including time for necessary paperwork.  You are encouraged to complete initial forms before the visit so that more time can be dedicated to discussing your care.  During this session you will share your personal history and goals in seeking treatment.  This evaluation should produce a collaborative treatment plan and determine whether continued treatment at this practice is appropriate.  For complex presentations, subsequent 50 minute sessions may be required to complete the evaluation. 

Coordination with other providers is encouraged when applicable.  Lab work may be requested as necessary.  It is helpful if you bring copies of recent records with you.  All patients are encouraged to have a primary care physician for general medical care.  Medications are prescribed as appropriate after both parties commit to ongoing treatment.


Following up- Medication management

All patients are encouraged to take advantage of 50 minute follow-up appointments.  Once care is well established, if the focus is primarily on continuing medication management or you have a non-prescribing therapist, 25 minute medication appointments may be appropriate.  Brief 10-15 minute phone appointments may also be recommended to check in when making active changes to your medications or during times of crisis.  Patients are seen at least every three months for continued prescriptions.


Following up- Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy sessions are 50 minutes in length.  Extended sessions of 75 minutes may be appropriate if bringing in loved ones for a joint session or during times of special need. Frequency may range from twice per month to twice per week.